ZFX - Viral Load

Genre: rape, bondage, humiliation
Length: 0:52:32
actors: Lisa Kinkaid, Penelope Pace
description: It only knows how to do one thing...reproduce!
A pretty lab tech, Dr. Jennifer Wells (Penelope Pace) delivering an unknown biological agent to a Government weapons facility is abducted by SLAM, a domestic terrorist group and forced to help them develop a biological weapon in their covert lab. Of course the Lab tech is not going to cooperate so she is tortured mercilessly by a terrorist thug Bruno (Joseph Marx) and his female side kick Celia (Lisa Kinkaid) till she changes her mind, including a brutal beating, lesbian ass plundering and a through electrical prodding with a battery charger and stun gun. Still refusing to help, she is tied in some very uncomfortable positions and flogged until she finally agrees to cooperate. Working in the shabby lab, exhausted, badly beaten and under duress poor Dr. Wells spills a sample of the virus which quickly mutates into a slimy black tentacled mass bent on forced copulation, and reproduction! Don't miss this anime inspired sci-fi/bondage tour de force!
video format: mpg
video size: 512 mb